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I'm a freelance journalist and editor specialising in gender equality, migration, and human rights more broadly. I have a background in writing and editing for a suite of publications, most recently the International Bar Association's human rights and business law magazine Global Insight. I'm a big reader of both fiction and non-fiction, a passionate feminist, a regular swimmer at my local (heated!) lido, and can easily be won over with a bowl of noodles.

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My Story

I grew up in Northamptonshire with my mum and two older brothers. Ours is a family with a travel bug, and my brothers had moved to different countries by the time I was ten. I thought I'd be different and stay near home forever, but at 18 I moved to Stoke-on-Trent to study BA English Literature and Creative Writing at Keele University.

I loved my degree, apart from a terrible songwriting module, particularly because it felt like studying several subjects at once. In seminars we used books as springboards, and our discussions spanned history, psychology, sociology, philosophy and more. Classes were never boring, and that kept me keen until I graduated with first class honours in 2016. 


I moved home and tried to break into the world of work. I took up an internship as an editorial assistant at a teen magazine, and by the end of 2016 I'd found my first full-time job in London, as Editorial and Production Assistant at Samedan Ltd. I took charge of the entire lifecycle of two pharmaceutical journals, and within five months had been promoted to Senior Editorial and Production Assistant, tasked with guiding two junior members of the team through their workloads and overseeing all five of the pharmaceutical publications.

In late 2017, I became the Content Editor at the International Bar Association - the global members' body for the legal profession - and had responsibilities across a suite of publications. I was encouraged to challenge myself and began writing news analysis and feature articles for the human rights and business law magazine Global Insight. I rediscovered my love of writing and sought out a new opportunity to develop my skills further. I found a full-time MA in Playwriting and Screenwriting at City University, where the classes were in the evenings so I could study alongside my IBA job.

Halfway through the course, my colleague at the IBA went on maternity leave, and I was offered the opportunity to provide maternity cover for her role as the IBA's Multimedia Journalist. It was the chance of a lifetime, even when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and so much of the way I'd imagined the role had to change. I finished my MA six months into the job, graduating with a Distinction.

When my colleague returned from maternity leave, instead of returning to my old post I decided to go freelance. Since March 2021, I have written articles for the IBA and other publications in a freelance capacity, and have also offered freelance editing and content management services to companies including ab comms. I've made time to do some creative writing, create and maintain a feminist campaign news site (Feminist Action UK), and write a semi-regular blog on Substack. In November 2021, I even had the privilege of speaking at a conference as part of a panel on sexual harassment in the workplace in a transnational legal context.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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