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US democracy under threat

The assault on the United States Capitol on 6 January 2021 represents perhaps the starkest manifestation of a US democracy in crisis. But the strains on democracy have been evident elsewhere - from a plethora of bills being put forward across state legislatures that critics warn undermine voting rights, to a series of controversies surrounding the make-up and even legitimacy of the US Supreme Court, itself a vital component of the US democratic apparatus.

Jennifer Venis speaks to Sarah Turberville, Director of the Constitution Project at the Project on Government Oversight; Sophia Lin Lakin, Deputy Director of the Voting Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union; Professor Paul Smith, Professor From Practice at Georgetown Law and Vice President for Litigation and Strategy at the Campaign Legal Center; and
Fred Davis, former Co-Chair of the IBA Business Crime Committee and a lecturer in Law at Columbia Law School.

US democracy under threat
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